What is a Clan Fight and how to Play?

clan fights

We are proud to announce that new feature “Clan Fights” is Completed. This blog post will tell you what is this feature about and how to use it.

clan fights


  1. First , Enter in to  “Multiplayer Mode”
  2. Here you can find “Clan Fight” Icon on left side of window. Click on it
  3. clan fight icon
  4. A new window will open show list of “Rooms” available for “Clan fight”. Press “Take Part” Button and if you Full requirements of that Room, you will be Enrolled in that Fight. Wait few seconds , page will be refresh automatically.
  5.  Now you will see a new Popup on screen , here you will choose your Team. Two Teams are Available. TEAM A and TEAM B
  6. clan fight choose team
  7. Now see this Screen, it has 4 Blocks .
    1. Join Team A Button
    2. Join Team B Button
    3. List of Pending Members who Enrolled in Clan Fights but has not Chosen team yet
    4. Leave Fight Button , you will get back 80% of Fees you paid and you cannot join again this Room
  8. Game will Automatically Starts once “Timer on Top” reaches “0” . Also, Team Must have minimum of 2 players (this can be changed and depends on room) . If there are less members, Fight Will not be started and Timer will start again
  9. Clan Fights will be closed Automatically, usually between 30 to 45 mints
  10. Team with Most Wins , Will win the Match and Each Player will be rewarded.
  11. You can check Fight stats by Clicking on “Archive” Button or “Show Stats” Button.
  12. clan fights
  13. Each Clan fight has some Limit to fight same user.(can vary from 2 to 5)
  14. You cannot fight with your own team member
  15. Once Clan Fight Closed, Winner Team will get coins immediately . Check your “Notifications” for detail.
  16. Very important, now when you send fight request , other member Can Not Reject it. he has to fight


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