Stickers for Thread are Available now


New feature is added and now players can apply “Stickers” on their thread.


What is a Sticker?

Stickers are used to “increase” thread properties like length, strength and sharpness. Currently 3 stickers are available :

  • Thread Length => to increase length of a thread
  • Bears Roar => to increase strength if a thread
  • Sword Swing => to increase sharpness of a thread


Important Things about Stickers

  • You can only apply these stickers to your “Thread”
  • To apply stickers, just go to your “inventory” and here you will see a new button “Apply Stickers”. click on it

apply stickers

  • A new popup appears which contains Stickers, you can apply it on your thread
  • Prices of thread is proportional to your “Total Thread Price “.  Means as your thread price goes UP , stickers prices goes UP too.
  • Currently there is a limit of maximum time you can apply stickers to a thread. i.e. 2 Times  of its original value. It means it initially, thread strength is “1000” , than this thread can have maximum of “2000” strength. (i will may change it to 3 times)

if you have any questions, then discuss this in our forums here Thread Stickers


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