New Fight Mode, we call it “Kite for a Kite”

kite flying

On the demand of players we have added a new feature in game “Kite for Kite” Fight. Now user has 2 options while sending fight request to other player.

  1. Normal Fight
  2. Kite for Kite

kite for a kite

Normal fight

in this fight, winner gets the coins (reward money) and loser loses his kite and some of his thread

Kite for Kite

In this fight, winner not only gets coins, but also gets “Kite” of other player (loser). But if Winner inventory is already Full (means he has 3 kite in it) , then he cannot have 4th one in it, so system will “Sell” the kite at 50% of its price and coins will be added to winner account.


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