How to cut other player’s kite in game

kite fghting

This is the most asked question from players in kite flying games . Every 3 out of 5 players are asking questions like:

  • how i can win the fight
  • how to cut the kite
  • in fight or clash , which things are important

and many more. so i decided to write a small post on it.

kite fghting

In fight, 4 Things are important, and these four things sums up to calculate total score of a player in fight.

  1. Kite (how good is your kite means its power , speed etc)
  2. Thread (how good is your thread, means its strength, sharpness and length)
  3. Skills
  4. how fast you release thread (clicking on button or using space)

out of these 4 things, most important and the one with high Weightage is #4 i.e how fast you release thread

so when fight started system start calculating the score of both players and when once player score is higher than other, he wins. Also remember , Thread Length isĀ  important, every click or space decrease your length and if your length reaches 0 , you will lose the fight.

So in fight, try to click or press space , as fast as you can. There is a possibility of cutting high level kite with a low level kite.



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